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Production power.

We love what we do - and that's why every part that leaves our production facility is the result of our experience, our creativity and our full team power. Your benefit as a customer? A manufacturing partner that exceeds your expectations.

Excellence by vocation

Precision turned parts with heart and soul


Manufacturing is not only achieved through even more technology and knowledge: as experts on our machines, we contribute a skill that money cannot buy - a passion for what we do every day. Because our motivation to master a challenge particularly well enables outstanding results.

Unconventional thinking where it makes sense, coupled with comprehensive expertise and a wealth of technical experience: this results in excellence for your precision turned parts.

Turning from the bar up to 650 mm

With turning lengths from 1 mm to 650 mm and diameters from 3 mm to 25 mm, we perfectly cover the most common dimensional requirements. We can process hexagonal bars from spanner width 5 to spanner width 19.

Special turned parts

Eccentric turned parts with utmost precision

We can do what may not seem feasible at first – because we love technical challenges. We have been proving this for decades of dedicated special turned part production – such as parts with an off-axis symmetry. How we do that? Even some manufacturers of the machines we use wanted to know that after their technicians had said our production ideas were not feasible. We are happy to demonstrate that they are. We look forward to working on your challenge – in small series or involving several million units!

Eccentric turned parts

Do you need an eccentric component on eccentric diameters, an off-axis hexagonal shape, an internal hexalobular socket ('recessed Torx') or other specialty items? Talk to us.

Customized additional features

Not only do we know how to manufacture off-axis elements, but we also have the capability to implement positioned special features and markings (e.g. notch, milled, dot, surface), hexagon sockets or hexalobular sockets ('recessed Torx').

From prototype to large series

We would be more than happy to provide a prototype in order to prove our capability to make parts deemed impossible. We prove our capability to handle large order volumes every day. And we are happy to prove it to you, too: we look forward to getting in touch and accepting your challenge!

Best practice: optimising production

The customer

A leading manufacturer of construction fittings for doors and windows

The challenge

Practice has shown that the tolerance range specified in the design of a threaded bolt can cause problems during the fully automated assembly of this part: the thread of this bolt's counterpart manufactured by us varies within the permissible tolerance range, however, joining the threaded bolt repeatedly leads to faults in assembly.

The solution

We quickly optimised the thread characteristics of the counterpart we manufacture by using modified tolerance ranges. Thanks to this adaptation, the customer's fully automated assembly process now runs smoothly – and downtime due to ill-fitting threads are a thing of the past.

Production optimization

Efficiency in turned & milled parts production

Excellence does not necessarily show only in complicated and demanding orders: the true strengths of a manufacturing company are reflected in the efficiency applied to achieving the seemingly mundane at consistently high quality levels.
For example, our ambition is to streamline processes and to exploit the full potential of our systems to enable you, our customer, to benefit from shorter cycle times and lower costs per item. At a quality level that will make both you and us proud.

Turned & milled CNC parts production

We work with state-of-the-art CNC machinery that supports machining with up to 10 axes and diameters from 3 to 25 millimetres. For maximum precision and short production cycle times.

From small series to mass production

We are in a position to offer attractive prices even for small quantities. In large-scale production runs, we can also use our automatic indexing table machines for even greater efficiency.

Storage to ensure fast delivery

We are also happy to store any mass-produced intermediates and parts for you in our warehouse – thus ensuring that we can deliver whenever you need supplies.

Best practice: prison break-proof thanks to heptagonal tool

The customer

Supplier for installation and locking systems, prison building contractor

The challenge

How to fasten window grilles in such a way that they become more escape-proof even though they can be uninstalled if and when required?

The solution

We developed a mounting screw with a heptagonal socket instead of the usual hexagon socket. Widely available standard tools cannot be used here, even though the solution's design is relatively simple. We exclusively produced a special key for these mounting screws, which is still successfully used in a prison today.

Quality starts with purchasing

We know our turning materials

We know how to process machining steels, quenched and tempered steel, stainless steel and many other materials correctly. Because quality starts with purchasing: we know which suppliers we can rely on, store our materials properly and ensure that no errors impacting quality occur during processing, such as excessively high temperatures or excessive feed rates associated with structural changes in the metal. All to ensure that you get exactly the component characteristics you need.

Top-shape steel

We process all common types of steel to produce the parts you need, including machining steel, tempered steel (C35, C45, ...), stainless steel (VA 1.4104 / 1.4305 / 1.4301 ...), tooling steel.

Non-ferrous metals and alloys

Would you prefer it non-ferrous? We have a lot of experience with processing non-ferrous metals and alloys such as various types of brass, various aluminium alloys and even aluminium bronze.

Properly stocked for you

We are not just good in processing a wide range of materials: we even stock many of them. We keep sufficient stocks of the most popular materials and, therefore, are able to react quickly when you need something.

Best practice: fast production for racecar models

The customer

Supplier of accessories for RC model cars

The challenge

Several variants of model car rims had to be produced within a week for the exhibition of various rim prototypes at a model making trade fair.

The solution

We managed to do the impossible by reacting quickly and flexibly, and produced the model car rims the customer wanted. They turned out to be bestsellers as they apparently increased the chances of winning model car races significantly.

Easy, precise, fast

High-performance mass production

Our indexing table machines take efficient machining with a single clamping operation to a whole new, highly efficient level: the production philosophy behind our robust machinery is based on perfected mechanics and ideal for combining precision with speed, which unlocks a great deal of possibilities in the details. Production involving up to twelve processing stations with multiple processing steps each is possible with a single clamping operation. Your advantage: cost-effective mass production with perfect quality.

High productivity

Indexing table machines enable fast and precise machining of twelve workpieces: multiple processing steps are carried out simultaneously with a single clamping operation, which increases productivity.

Good precision

Indexing table machines offer workpiece processing with great precision. Machining takes place at high speeds and can be carried out so as to produce a high surface quality.

Cost efficiency

Indexing table machines can be a cost-effective alternative to other processing methods as they perform multiple processing steps in a single pass. This allows for reduced production time and operating costs.

Best practice: marking for increased safety

The customer

A manufacturer of fittings for doors and windows

The challenge

The customer wanted easier alignment of an eccentric part during assembly and a more unambiguous identification as an original part to protect against counterfeiting.

The solution

We closely cooperated with the design department to develop a simple part marking that allows for unambiguous assembly of the component and is hard to imitate. We also managed to do this at the same cost so our consultation has brought more security for the customer in terms of both installation and patent protection at the same expense.

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