Anton Weiss GmbH is characterised by flexibility, deep roots to stand strong in turbulent times, growth derived from our own strength, and employees remaining loyal for decades. We appreciate novelties, but only embrace them if they provide genuine added value. After all, we do not go where the wind takes us but have always set our sails to be a reliable partner to our customers.


Who we are

We are a classic SME with around 20 employees. Anton Weiss GmbH was founded in 1946 and is now managed by the fourth generation of its founding family: the Weiss and Bleass families are responsible for production, quality, administration and commercial matters. A new generation, i.e. Ralf Weiss and Marc Bleass, took over the management in 2023. However, the company remains true to its inner self.
Because we share more than just a philosophy: our employees play a key role in unlocking our performance capabilities as they contribute their skills and motivation on a daily basis, and many of them have been with us for many years. And that is reflected in every single part we deliver.

How we think.

We are solution-oriented.

We do not use technology as an end in itself, but to generate an advantage as we use it on behalf of our customers or for ourselves. At times, this may cause us to act in unconventional and pragmatic ways and, being an SME with flexible structures and a strong team spirit, we are often in a position to manage this better than others.
And while you, our customers, certainly stand to benefit from this, our team derives new motivation from making the seemingly impossible possible at the same time – a real win-win situation.

We are experienced.

Our solutions and the inspiration we need to think them up are based on comprehensive knowledge and creativity that enables us to think outside the box. This is a proven recipe for success that many of our customers have already benefited from. And it is a skill that we pass on from generation to generation. Therefore, examples of how to achieve unusual success in unusual ways can be seen all across our company.

We are firmly rooted to the ground.

We know our customers' needs and focus on them. This makes us a reliable partner who knows how to act with foresight and in the interest of its customers. At the same time, we always keep our feet on the ground: we love and live technology. But we do everything with a sense of proportion. And that is why we only invest in new technology if we are convinced that you, our customers, stand to benefit.

We are imaginative.

We have a deep understanding of the technology we work with every day. This enables us to use it in unconventional ways to achieve production goals better and faster.

Thinking outside the box is an everyday activity to us – not just in overcoming technical challenges, but in finding solutions to many other issues. We love to delight you, our customers, time and again as we complete tasks on your behalf where others have failed in the past.

We are human.

We do not exclusively measure ourselves against the technical standard we apply to the product using our extensive expertise and high degree of identification with what we do: the human touch of any dialog, both with customers and within the team, is also an important aspect to us.

Because this is the level we need to achieve a top performance together: as a customer, you will experience us as an approachable partner with a high degree of commitment. Our employees experience their daily work as a shared challenge rather than a burden. This keeps the joy in the workplace alive.

Where we come from.


Market presence relaunch – new corporate design

Anton Weiss is not reinventing itself, but is lending greater visibility to what makes us special: we are creating a clear perception of our company with a completely revised market presence including a new logo and website – "A part of us" is our theme representing the passion we put into every single part we produce.


Management transition to the fourth generation

Marc Bleass (right, Commercial Management) and Ralf Weiss (left, Technical Management) are the great-grandchildren of our founder Anton Weiss. They have assumed responsibility for the company management: the two successors of Andrea Bleass and Anton Weiss Junior act in line with their motto of "sensible further development while preserving meaningful virtues".


30th employee anniversary

We have an increasing number of employees who have been with the company for several decades now. Since 2021, we have had another colleague in our ranks who has accompanied our team for almost our entire professional lives. We would like to extend our gratitude for 30 years of dedicated service!


Photovoltaic system expansion to 70 KW/h

If it works we will expand it: harvesting our own electricity from solar energy has made a convincing contribution, so we have more than doubled the capacity of our photovoltaic system located on the company's roof in order to get even more energy from a sustainable source.


Installation of first 30 KW/h photovoltaic system

This is another example of us leading the way as we apply our passion for technology and our enthusiasm for conserving resources and saving money: our powerful photovoltaic system now produces electricity for our own use.


Enter the forth generation

Ralf Weiss (left), Marc Bleass (right) and Christian Weiss represent the fourth generation of family management and will lead Anton Weiss GmbH into the future. The entry of our founder's great-grandsons into the company marks another milestone.


Expansion of the production floor area to approx. 2000 m²

Almost eight years after building new premises and relocation, we needed additional space once again: our company grew by a quarter of its previous size soon after starting its operations at the new location.


First certification according to ISO 9001:2000

Not only did we invest in testing technology at an early stage, but also in methodology: we were one of the first family-owned SMEs to get our quality management system certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 to demonstrate our expertise.


Construction of new premises and relocation to the new "Sturmbühl" industrial area

Anton Weiss GmbH puts an end the cramped situation and the division across two locations as it makes room for the future in a new building and around 1500 m² of production floor area: our company was one of the first to relocate to the hill above Gosheim.


Received first "Supplier of the year" award

The quiet appreciation by numerous customers in recent years has finally been made public: a renowned manufacturer of construction fittings awards our company as "Supplier of the Year" for the first time. We have received numerous other awards almost on a yearly basis ever since.


Rental of a production hall due to continuous growth

The growth efforts initiated by Franz Weiss since he took over have made it necessary to increase our production floor area. A temporary solution in the form of an additional rented hall has facilitated this for the time being.


Incorporation of Anton Weiss GmbH

The change in the legal form of the company under the management of the three partners Franz Weiss, Anton Weiss Junior & Andrea Bleass marks the entry of the third generation into corporate management. The two children of Franz Weiss, who had been the sole owner up to this point, join the management.


Commissioning of the first oil treatment plant

The desire for greater efficiency and environmental awareness led Anton Weiss to reconsider the use of cooling lubricants in the early 1980s: the treatment and reuse of oil in the machining industry was a first step towards resource preservation.


Production floor area expansion

The expansion of the original workshop also required the demolition of the main building, which had previously been used for agricultural purposes. As a result, the production building displayed a noticeable increase in the standards and quality awareness of the company.


His son Franz Weiss takes over

This generational change gave the now well-established company new momentum. More space for more machinery and employees: Franz Weiss invested in growth and set the course for quality awareness.


Incorporation by Anton Weiss

After the war, Anton Weiss initially produced parts for the watch industry and manufacturers of medical instruments on a small scale. The small business turned into a serious company over time. At the time, the metal workshop behind the main house, which had once been used for agricultural purposes, was familiar to many families across the region.

Environment & energy

We are sustainable

We have been committed to preserving resources, protecting the climate and, last but not least, reducing our costs through minimization of energy and material consumption for many years.

We have summarized our success in this area for you.


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